WOD: 5-20-12

Partner Versus WOD:  For time on each effort:

650M Row vs 50 Burpees  (5 min cap)
Rest 2 minutes between switching partners.
50 Burpees vs 650M Row  (5 min cap)
Rest 2 minutes
600M Run vs 40 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)  (5 mins cap)
Rest 2 mins between switching partners
40 Kettlebell Swings (24/16) vs 600M Run


Another versus WOD!  The most important thing when you get to the gym today will be to size up your competition and pick properly.  Picking someone with whom you cannot possibly compete will not make this workout very pleasant.  Picking someone who cannot provide a challenge will make this workout too pleasant.  But if you find that someone, that one person who can give you what others cannot, then you both have something special.  Rowing against Burpees and then Burpees against Rowing.  Running versus KBS and then KBS versus Running.  Everyone will perform all of the exercises thus putting them all on the same playing field.   Don’t get it twisted, this is a competition.  When you feel like you are slowing down, that is when your “partner” is making his/her move…

Make sure you are all out of bubble gum,



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